A ripple effect is the continuing and spreading of results from a single event or action. For us it represents the exponential growth opportunity of starting with something small, which then progresses into a pervasive effect and influence.


As entrepreneurs, we understand the struggles of launching a brand and the importance of return on investments. So with everything we do, we imagine the potential ripple effect - how do we create that drop in the water that will create big waves for your business. It is this amplifying potential that connects our team with our clients.




From convenience stores to big box, we have merchandising experience in all types of banners.

From trade shows to festivals, and from street teams to pop up shops, we have event experience for all types of activations.

Our managers and field support teams ensure flawless execution of every program.




With over 150 merchandisers and installers across Canada, our team is ready year round to work on any type of merchandising program.

We curate only the best Brand Ambassadors to represent your brand and company.

Our partners are incredible, if we can dream it up, they can create it. Through years of experience we have been able to forge strategic partnerships with some of the best creators. We work hand in hand with our partners to ensure the concept is brought to life exactly as imagined, always exceeding expectations.





Gillette. RJR MacDonald. Duracell. Our leader brings ideas & strategies from the best brands. His industry experience and corporate training ensures we are not only on track, but leading the industry. 


Inspired by art and driven by creating experiences that change consumer behaviour. In a world where consumer mindshare is at a premium Brandon is aware of industry trends and understands the need to stand out. Our creative behind the big idea.


As our primary Internal Analyst, Jean carefully sifts through all company related data - scrutinizing, interpreting and trending, she creates the foundation for our strategic planning. Highlighting strengths and weaknesses, she ultimately guides our plans towards continued growth and excellence.


From conception to execution, Julia plays a role in almost every aspect of getting a project up and running. Responsible for Program Deployment, her strengths lay in hiring, sourcing, operational logistics and design. Her attentional to detail is only surpassed by her enthusiasm to ensure a project hits the ground running.


Patty oversees the Eastern provinces but her primary focus is as our Ontario Regional Manager. As a retail specialist, Patty  understands how stores think and operate. This critical insight translates to effective operations in this highly competitive battle ground where our clients truly need to make a splash