With our national team of experienced merchandisers, we can take on any type of merchandising project. Ready to deploy any time of the year, ensuring your product is on the sales floor, priced and looking good - meaning you will have the right product, at the right place, at the right time.

These are important factors in building a visible and credible brand, as well as ensuring continued growth. This is exactly what merchandising targets - promoting the sale of products at retail. And this is exactly what we will do for you.

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We have teams of skilled, resourceful and capable people ready to turn your vision into reality. Accustomed to physical work and working with their hands, our installers know all the tricks of the trade. As experts in their field, they have what it takes to deal with any challenges that may come their way. They will not stop until the work is perfect as they are laying down the foundation for the merchandising team or store to display your product. Whether you’re looking for racking, shelving, security systems, digital displays or a complete reline, our team will be there to complete the job to perfection.



Relines or resets involve the rearrangement of products in a retail space. These can often be large-scale and quite complex, requiring tear down and rebuilding of entire store sections, which requires the ability to follow and understand planograms. The success of a reline is dependent on the merchandisers ability to work efficiently and have an eye for detail. This translates to work completed on time and to plan - retail readiness at its best.

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Our merchandising team is hard working and passionate, which means that they will not rest until your product is perfectly displayed. Their dedication to your brand means they will do whatever it takes to get your brand on top. From restocking and facing to educating store associates, they will only consider their job complete when the store is an advocate of your brand and will place your product first. Your product is not only guaranteed to shine, but will be more likely to get into consumer hands.

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From secret shoppers to facing audits, our teams can collect data on how your product is doing. But it’s not always that easy. Our team can also be ready to react by placing orders or making suggested orders for the store. Why wait on the store, when our team is there ready to take action, ensuring your product is always available and within reach for your customer.


Once we’ve identified your goals, we will put together a plan of action. The who, what, where and when. We will identify key aspects of the execution, KPIs, and the best information to collect for you.



Direct, timely reporting from our team allows for real time information. Our team then analyzes and prepares the information into dashboard style reports for quick and easy review.

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